407 Occupational Training Visas

407 Occupational Training Visas

Employers and employees are now realising the significant advantages of the 407 visa offers.

Benefits for employers:

  • Need not to have been established for an extended period (even six months in operation is sufficient).
  • No requirement for market Testing or proof of the genuine need for the position.
  • No need for expensive contribution to an Industry Training Fund.

Benefits for employees:

  • Students and 485 visa holders can move to this visa and gain full work rights.
  • Visa valid for up to 2 years and can provide valuable time to work towards eventual full PR.
  • Provides time to complete minimum work for a full skill assessment, eg. Vetassess requires 12 months of work experience in the nominated occupation.
  • Allows time to complete a Job Ready Programme for persons nominating a trade occupation.
  • By holding this visa in a particular state or territory, you may meet an essential requirement for a nomination form that state or territory.
  • No points test required.
  • Only need functional English.
  • Do not need a degree or even a trade qualification.
  • Only need to show 12 months study or 12 months of work experience in the relevant occupation in the past 24 months.

Dyson Immigration Advice Centre is helping clients from a wide range of occupations to gain 407 visas. Recent cases include IT professionals, Engineers, Cooks and Child Care Centre Managers. If you are an Employer or potential employee and would like more advice or assistance in this
matter, book your consultation now.

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