Australian Citizenship

We are actively involved in assisting Australian permanent residents with their citizenship applications. Applicants must meet the general residency requirements as permanent residents and sit for a citizenship test as part of the assessment process. The current general conditions are that you must have been lawfully resident in Australia for the last four years and have been a permanent resident for at least 12 months. Also, you must not have been outside Australia for more than 12 months in total in the past four years, nor more than 90 days in the last 12 months.

If you meet the above requirements and pass the citizenship test, you may be granted Australian citizenship by conferral.

A child born in Australia to a parent who is an Australian permanent resident or citizen will automatically qualify for Australian citizenship by descent. The child will not meet the requirement if none of the parents is a permanent resident or a citizen.

If you are planning to apply for your Australian Citizenship, please fill in your details below, and one of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the consultation fee?

$110. This fee will be credited back towards our agency fee if you wish to proceed with us for your visa application. You need to pay the consultation fee before the appointment date and time.

How long does it take to get a booking confirmation?

On average it may take between 3 hours to 24 hours to get a booking confirmation on weekdays.

Any request received on weekends and public holidays will be confirmed on the next business day.

Am I going to get advice from a registered migration agent?

Yes. All our migration agents advisors are registered with OMARA - Australia's Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority and abide by the migration agents' code of conduct.

How can I get a status update on my application process?

Your case officer will keep you informed of any progress on your visa application through emails and phone calls.

Note: The Visa Office will not respond to requests for a status update. They will only contact us if they require more information, such as medical checks and police checks. Otherwise, we need to wait until we hear anything back from the Visa Office.

If you would like to discuss an urgent matter with your case officer then, please click here and fill in the primary applicant's contact details and your case officer will get in touch with you shortly.